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Luminous Solar Products & Solutions

We are a Solar Energy company established with the intention of maximizing the sun’s energy for solar use in East Africa. Our products range from Solar Panels, Solar Batteries(SMF and TUBULAR), Solar Inverters, Inverter chargers, Charge Controllers and Solar water heaters.

We develop well-priced solar energy solutions for commercial entities, homes, schools, and institutions with efficient delivery of service that enables you to access products conveniently.

We  pride ourselves in being the SOLE AUTHROIZED DUSTRIBUTOR OF LUMINOUS SOLAR SOLUTIONS from India, here in Kenya.

Not only is Solar Energy efficient as an energy source, but it is also Clean, Reliable and  Free. Switch today using Luminous Solar Products and you will never have to worry about power bills again.

Simply make an order and we shall deliver the sun into your hands.

Our Solar Packages

This includes a full solar package, smart living package, and a  solar power backup package. You will enjoy a one year warrant on each product with a free installation and an affordable maintenance fee.

We make your life more efficient, more controllable, economical, productive, integrated, and sustainable through this package.

Now is the time to switch using the Luminous Solar Products and you will not worry about power bills ever again


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